On tractors equipped with alternator:

Remove approximately 3/16” material from end of adjusting slot in pump bracket butt bracket as shown and re-weld.  Grind bracket lower edge to provide alternator fan clearance. Relocation of alternator to provide clearance may be necessary (see photo for position of Delco alternator)

Installation Steps:

1. Remove old steering link rod.

2. Install hydraulic cylinder mounting plate.

3. Install hydraulic cylinder to mounting plate and front steering arm

4. Install new steering link rod to hydraulic cylinder and rear steering arm.

5. Install pulley to hydraulic pump

6. Install hydraulic pump to top bolt on water pump and adjusting bolt on generator (note: if converted to alternator, mounting bracket will need to be reworked as shown below)

7. Install Oil Reservoir to front exhaust manifold bolt. (note: Straighten bend in oil reservoir mounting bracket and fabricate approximately 2” long flat piece